Any festivity, whether it is an anniversary or other special occasion is celebrated with a delicious cake and champagne.


The Cake is the classic conclusion of all the special moments of your life. When it is cooked with love and care, he gets the most exquisite taste.


Green Hills Market offers a wide range of individual cakes for the most refined taste. Our masters will gladly realize even your most ambitious idea!



Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the fluffy batter made of milk, chocolate, honey, meringue or the crisp butter, covered with chocolate, butter or cheese cream, condensed milk, fresh, caramelized or dried fruit, marzipan, hazelnuts, almonds, walnut, biscuits or candy, sprinkled with coconut or chocolate etc.


Impress your guests and decorate your table with an original product of our confectionary division. Do not refuse the pleasure!




You can order a cake in our the supermarkets.

To order, please locate the administrator desk at the desired location.