Green Hills Market offers a wide range of culinary dishes made to order.



Our professionals can help with the selection and prepare menus for family celebrations, anniversaries or corporate events



Salads and snacks, from nutrients that contain many calories, up to dietetic food, made of fresh vegetables and herbs.


Meat, poultry, fish and seafood - cooked, fried, steamed.


Pickles, pickled vegetables, mushrooms - which by their taste qualities are not inferior to those cooked at home.


Also, we have flour products and products of cottage cheese by GREEN HILLS MARKET.




All this varied menu of delicious and fresh dishes waiting for you in our culinary division.



        For your choice:

        More than 600 culinary dishes to order



Come, taste and enjoy for you and your guests!





To order culinary products you can at:





Для оформления заказа обратитесь к администратору торгового зала или к продавцу кулинарного отдела.