The main mission of the supermarket chain GREEN HILLS MARKET is meeting the needs of the population in terms of food and related products, with a permanent increase of the service level.

The main objective of the daily work of our team is to provide customers with high quality products at affordable prices.

In fulfillment of our core mission, we build our work on the following principles:

We respect and appreciate every customer, because it is our customers who are the main driver of our everyday success in striving to be the best in what we do;

•We strive to keep up with major global trends in the retail trade in order to fully correspond to the expectations of our customers and to meet their needs;

We cherish the traditions accumulated over the years: a high level of service and quality assurance so that the buyer is convinced that the choice to stay with us is the best one;

We create optimal working conditions and favorable climate inside the team, so that each of us gladly contributes to achieving our common goal;

We maintain the culture of long-term and mutually advantageous relationships with our partners to ensure stability and continuity of cooperation, which guarantees the best results for us, for our partners and for our customers.