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Gifts from Dream Book!

Dear customers!  

You can order gifts from Book of Dreams for bonuses collected during 2015!

You cam verify your bonuses here.

Book of Dreams you can see here.

We remind you that for your convenience, we have created several ways to carry out orders:

- FROM MARCH, 15, In an official collection point CLUB CARD, located in Green Hills Market stores at the following addresses: Chisinau bd. D. Cantemir 6, ul. Alec Russo 28, Blvd. Cuza Voda 21.
- FROM MARCH, 10 ONLINE by clicking the following link and filling out the form.

- FROM MARCH, 10 by phone: +373 (022) 890113

Book of Dreams, as well as other details about the program Club Card you will always find on our site.