Dumplings Division


 For people with active lifestyle, the GREEN HILLS MARKET since 1996 manufactures a wide range of dumplings, with different fillings: meat (pork, beef, lamb, poultry), cheese, with potatoes and fresh mushrooms. So, every our customer can find a product that he will like. In addition, our products do not contain various flavorings, substitutes, or vegetable proteins, that makes them safe and beneficial for your health. Our dumpligs are occupying for a long time a leading position in the menu of our customers. Green Hills Market dumplings are sold only in our supermarkets.

GREEN HILLS MARKET Dumplings - always delicious, always at your fingertips!


Culinary Division


Actually, modern society is composed entirely of very busy people or people who do not like to lose time cooking. GREEN HILLS MARKET helps its favorite customers and invites them all to visit our dining division. Here you can appreciate a wide range of dishes, carefully selected and professionally prepared for you.


Here you can find salads and snacks, from nutrients that contain many calories, up to dietetic food, made of fresh vegetables and herbs. Meat, poultry, fish and seafood - cooked, fried, steamed. Pickles, pickled vegetables, mushrooms - which by their taste qualities are not inferior to those cooked at home. Also, we have flour products and products of cottage cheese. All this varied menu of delicious and fresh dishes waiting for you in our culinary division.



Come, taste and enjoy for you and your guests!


Confectionery  Division


On various festivities, celebrations or other happy events, and just in a normal day, when you want to enjoy something delicious, we invite you to visit our confectionery division and assess our sweet masterpieces. Here you will find all kinds of sweetness and flavours - from fruit jelly to sponge cake with cream and whipped cream! Cakes, pastries, rolls, pies, cookies, muffins - we can satisfy your every sweet wish!



In addition, if you want to impress your guests and decorate your table with an original product of pastry art, then our masters will gladly realize even your most ambitious idea! Do not refuse the pleasure!

Confectionery GREEN HILLS MARKET is always delicious, beautiful, high quality and affordable!




Bread is the most important and staple food for everyone. On the table during every meal is always a plate of fragrant sliced bread. Trading chain "Green Hills Market" produces a wide range of bakery products for your table. In our supermarkets, you will always find a classic bread and bread with various additives, even for the most refined taste. Assortment includes baking cakes with various additions, puffs, croissants, muffins, bagels. In addition, on offer we have aromatics and delicious dumplings with garlic, beloved by many of our customers.