Seller Day 

On May 15, 2014 supermarket network Green Hills Market and hypermarket Velmart has held  professional competition "Day of the seller". 8 teams of the best sellers of the company participated in various creative  
and professional competitions , gave answers to the toughest questions and "complaints" from "buyers". They also created some new promotions.



All participants were super and the best of the best received gifts.

Congratulations to the winners!

Place I - team sellers from GHM2 (Rascani), Chisinau.

Place II - team sellers from GHM9, Balti.

Place III  team sellers from  Velmart (Botanica), Chisinau.

Award from the public - team sellers Express (GHM11, 12, 13, 15).

Award for initiative and creativity - Cegodari Aurelia (GHM5), Barbos Seghei (GHM10).


Congratulations to all participants!

Confectionery Day

On  17th
March 2014   supermarket network Green Hills Market has held a beautiful holiday Confectionery Day. 4 teams of the most skilled confectioners in all shops were participating in competitions. All participants showed that at the Green Hills Market works only talents and professionals.


Contest "Team Presentation "

Place I - GHM2 pastry department (Riscani), GHM3 confectionery department (Centre). 

Place II - GHM4 pastry department (Botanica).

PlaceIII - GHM4 confectionery department (Botanica).

 Contest "Homework "

Place I - GHM3 confectionery department (Centre).

Place II -  GHM4 confectionery department (Botanica).

 Place III - GHM2 pastry department (Riscani).

Place IV - GHM4 pastry department (Botanica).


Contest "Questions for Professionals"

Place I -  GHM4 pastry department (Botanica

 Place II -  GHM4 confectionery department (Botanica), GHM3 confectionery department (Centre), GHM2 pastry department (Riscani).

Contest "Testing the senses"

All teams received 3 points.

Contest "New production"

Place I -  GHM4 confectionery department (Botanica).

Place II -   GHM4 pastry department (Botanica), GHM3 confectionery department (Centre), GHM2 pastry department (Riscani).

Contest "Decoration"

Place I - GHM3 confectionery department (Centre).

Place II -  GHM4 confectionery department (Botanica), GHM4 pastry department (Botanica), GHM2 pastry department (Riscani).

Congratulations to the winners - a team of GHM3 confectionery department (Centre)!

Audience Award won by the team from the GHM4 pastry department (Botanica)!

Each participant received a certificate and a prize, as all teams overall prize - a certificate of bowling for 3 hours!


The Day of cashiers in 2013.

On November 7-8, 2013 Green Hills Market supermarket network has organized a beautiful holiday - the Day of cashiers. The 33 best  cashiers from all stores participated in various competitions, creative and professional.

Our congratulations to the winners!

Competitions for team.

"Introducing the team" - cashiers from GHM2 , Riscani.

"Questions and Answers" - cashiers from GHM 13, Telecentru.

"I am a cashier " - cashiers from GHM4 , Plaza, Botanica.

"Original object " - cashiers from GHM4 , Plaza, Botanica.

Professional contest "The quality and speed of servicing"

Place I. Maria Colceva, GHM7, Botanica, "Golden Autumn".

Place II. Lasco Natalia, GHM11, Botanica.

Place III. Girbea Aliona, GHM3, Centre.

Special Awards.

For special attitude to customers

Constantin Munteanu, GHM4, Plaza, Botanica.

Corceaghin Felicia GHM4 , Plaza, Botanica.

For the highest speed in calculating money

Titcenco Elena , GHM4 , Plaza, Botanica.