Green Hills Market collects your smiles.

On 24th April 2013 supermarket chain Green Hills Market has launched a campaign "We serve with a smile." In the sales area were placed transparent aquariums where each buyer could take smiles to give them the most smiling and courteous employee of Green Hills Market

The campaign lasted until the end of 2013. Monthly Green Hills Market workers, who collected the most smiles, received a special badge "The most smiling worker".


In December we calculated  the results of campaign "Serving with smile." 26 smiling workers won a big prize -a rest in Carpathians in Ukraine!

Congratulations to our winners!


Position UC Name
1 Cashier UC 2 Ciorici Iulia
2 Seller UC 2 Suvac Aliona
3 Seller UC 2 Ceban Anişoara
4 Cashier UC 2 Raţa Victoria
5 Cashier UC 3 Mîrzac Evghenia
6 Seller UC 3 Argint Elena
7 Cashier UC 4 Corceaghin Felicia
8 Cashier UC 4 Muntean Constantin
9 Seller UC 4 Ţurcan Marin
10 Cashier UC 5 Sasi Tatiana
11 Seller UC 5 Arama Andrei
12 Cashier UC 7 Colceva Maria
13 Cashier UC 7 Huştiuc Cristina
14 Seller UC 7 Vrancean Angela
15 Seller UC 7 Arabadji Liudmila
16 Cashier UC 9 Cherdivară Ana
17 Seller UC 9 Sevastiuc Tatiana
18 Cashier UC 10 Ţîmpău Olesea
19 Cashier UC 10 Paraschiv Svetlana
20 Seller UC 10 Isac Nelea
21 Seller UC11 Melnic Elena
22 Seller UC 11 Ghinjul Alexandra
23 Cashier UC 12 Cîrhana Tatiana
24 Cashier UC 13 Şonco Iuliana
25 Seller UC 13 Vedernicova Tatiana
26 Seller UC 14 Mereacre Marina 


Awards held at the central office on January 2, 2014. At the same time, were selected the winners of "Best worker in 2013".



In January winners spent 5 days skiing and relaxing in the Carpathians!


Green Hills Market - it all starts with a smile and ends with the rest in the Carpathians!